Wednesday, 1 October 2008


One idea ive had for my FMP, was to expand on the idea I had for the 'pointless website' and creating an interactive animation, taking inspiration from websites like:
and the brilliant..

While these websites were really created just for fun, I think if I produced something like these designer' have done with these websites and finally realising my vision for the pointless website, it could be a brilliant addition to the exhibition.

Ideally, it would be shown or projected on a large screen with a plinth underneath with a pad
on the top that when you move your finger across the pad it creates movement on the screen which follows the movement of your finger. The plinth, I could easily make out of wood & I was thinking that maybe a tablet could be used for the pad, but ill have to look into this to see if it would work. I think that most of the websites that I have looked at were created using Adobe Shockwave, so I would have to learn how to use this program OR I think that its possible that something like what I envisioned could be created using Flash.

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